Top Fine Dining Restaurant in Singapore

Indulge yourself in exquisite fine dining at Gary’s: the only fine dining restaurant in Singapore that brings you a multisensory culinary experience like no other.

Helmed by award-winning chef and founder Gary Wu and his decorated team, you’re in for a psychedelic dining journey through our signature dishes that harmoniously fuse classic Italian food traditions with contemporary Japanese sensitivities.

If you’re looking for the best fine dining in Singapore, come to Gary’s and be wowed.

Best Italian fine dining in Singapore with a view

Set within the heart of Rochester Park away from the noise and buzz of city hustle, Gary’s offers a serene respite from our chaotic and rushed lifestyle, to take a temporary slowed pace and enjoy fabulicious fine Italian dining while basking in the ambience and scenic beauty of the surrounding greenery.

Fine dining lunch

Whether to host customers, business partners or friends, having lunch together is a great way to break ice, get comfortable with one another and forge stronger relationships. And there is no better way to do it than over fine dining lunch at Gary’s.

Equal parts exquisite and mercurial, the fine dining set lunch menu by Gary’s offers just the right portions and flavours to get conversations going and wine glasses clinking.

See our set lunch menu here.

Western fine dining

Treat yourself to an unforgettable western fine dining experience at Gary’s, where we pull out all the stops to seduce and enchant all your senses with luscious and full-bodied tastes and flavours, where every dish builds upon the other in a layered ascent towards the crescendo of a multisensory gastronomical theatre like no other.

See our set dinner menu here.

Recommended fine dining in Singapore

Highly reviewed and recommended by popular food sites and influencers in Singapore, with consistent 5-star reviews by customers, Gary’s is a fine dining restaurant choice not to be missed, whenever you’re thinking of a place for the best Italian food that hits all the right notes in food quality and presentation, service, ambience and so much more.